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Really cool 3d proggie

Feb 22, 2002 / 4 Replies Check out this [link http://www.theproduct.de/fr08_final.zip]really cool 3d program[/link] made by [link http://www.farb-rausch.com/].farbrausch[/link] - that's a grand total of 1.9 gb of data, or a compression ratio of 30000 to 1, if you want to put it that way. DirectX 8 needed to run this program.

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I Won! No I did! NO, I DID!

Feb 16, 2002 / 0 Replies [link http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,50464,00.html]http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,50464,00.html[/link] - LOL! They couldnt work out who won, so they gave em both the same medal.